I have wii u now

2017-06-25 11:38:20 by Terioskrim82

I have a Wii u now with mario kart and smash bros forwii u so add me if u want


3ds friend code

2015-01-16 23:44:37 by Terioskrim82

if you need some friend code on your 3ds i'll add you 

myFC is :4253-4069-5073 I goes byYAY-YAYJR i play most pokemon y i have mario kart 7 and luigi mansion PM me your FC or comment your FC so i can add you back

facebook account

2015-01-16 20:30:52 by Terioskrim82

i have a facebook account it's wanya brooklyn jones

if y'all wanted to know 


2010-07-31 23:43:20 by Terioskrim82

I want to make a movie but i don't know how to but i am happy just voteing